My objective for any client is to aid in the project development in the most inclusive way of all consulting and action that I can offer. I always hope to leave things better than they were found and to enlighten others to new and exciting ways to expand visions to new heights. Below you’ll find some more details of the various types of services I provide. You can find most of your creative needs in one place with me. I hope you’ll find that many of these offerings blend into each other, creating the best possible outcomes for both enjoying the creative process and, finally, your creative project.


Dance and choreography on stage should represent a dynamic, expert perspective, which amplifies the vision of a production while pushing boundaries, creating a USP, and maintaining commercial viability. Sourcing talent should be based on both a unique positioning of dance and the malleability of the artists to suit the project needs. Developing a complete inception of the production and its involvement with dance is important for achieving a successful final product.

Every dance is a kind of fever chart, a graph of the heart. Martha Graham


What we call Artist Development is the alignment of movement with the artist's character in a way they will eventually adopt as part of their overall identity. Developing an artist through movement involves developing self-confidence, an understanding of how to effectively convey nuances and illicit emotional reactions from their audiences. Training involves teaching specific knowledge of what an entertainer can truly achieve by establishing seamless flow, through very deliberate construction of movement, and developing a personal philosophy that will live on and flourish throughout an entire career.


Coordinating the creative elements of any production is something of an art and a science, which requires the knowledge of how long to allow for building and the expertise to act on time, so that all bases are checked and its full potential can be realized. It is important to have creative direction on your team that understands both the robotics of deadlines and the hearts of artists. In doing so you will always save tons of time, costs, and allow for the best surprises to come forward throughout the creative process.

Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work. Bette Davis


Knowledge of which elements your team should comprise of, how they should be distributed and delegated to your team members, and how to screen for quality during the process whilst maintaining an efficient timeline are imperative to an experience that feels good, curbs costs, and develops a successful project outcome. Nailing these key factors, whilst being effective, will make you most likely to be on request to produce time and time again. It is here where we custom-build both the budget and the agenda, bringing on board uniquely skilled staff to handle virtually anything and everything. You focus on the outcome, and we draw clean lines to take care of the rest.



It’s not really about how many followers you have. While this establishes some form of reputation it is also important to understand how your connection to your followers tangibly furthers your influence and generates revenue within your company.

After all, we should know what kind of benefits our positive reputations serve us, right? There are many tools and resources available to achieve this understanding and, when positioned correctly, often expand our dreams, aspirations, and ultimate potential.

Clearly defined Internet marketing strategy is the most wide-reaching form of presence any creative company can have to its target customer in this age. Understanding advertising, web copy, SEO, web design, and instincts related to the most effective way to grab attention are the roots of a successful offering of your reputation to your followers, as long as what you offer is pure and targeted, in order to generate revenue and the ultimate expansion of your passions and visions.

Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools they'll do wonderful things with them. Steve Jobs


Resource planning and being able to calculate opportunity and outcome are among the most important principles any creative company should seriously take on board. Knowing your budget, your staff, and your goals in combination with a wealth of tools available today can position your company to produce at maximum output of the highest quality of products and services. Streamlining is something of a talent of mine, and building sustainable and expandable companies are something of a passion.


I am always on the lookout for new partners to develop fresh concepts, which lead to housing the newest upcoming waves in creative cultures. We take care of all the smaller parts the machine requires to function properly, and leverage the current resources of our home company and partners, to foster mega initiatives that could not happen without such seamless collaborations.

A studio is merely a vessel for incredible things to happen in the arts, and it’s important that it is done right to allow it to be a beacon for artistic visions, new brands, genuine upcoming talent, and more. It is through this philosophy that we are able to expand and provide the hardest working, the best, and the brightest.