Curriculum Vitae


Jan 2016 - Present

Creative Director

ONYX Dance Ltd.

- Building new and innovative creative products that do not yet exist on the market
- Developing a thriving and responsive team to serve the dance community with business resources
- Staffing with the objective of creating opportunity for dancers to expose and develop new skills
- Business systems development, maintenance, and streamlining
- Accommodating clients and providing top quality creative services
- Working on a wide degree of creativity and latitude
- Tracking performance and coordinating market audience outreach
- Recruiting and hiring top talent to provide creative services at ONYX
- Managing business accounts
- Event production, management and marketing

Aug 2016 - Dec 2017

Creative Agent

Box Artist Management Ltd.

- Driving new business and growth of the agency across all areas by bringing in new clients and contacts
- Supporting administration to Managing Director
- Overall agency support
- Managing and supporting existing clients
- Creating and managing creative workshops
- Brand management
- Building and supporting website and social media presence

Apr 2011 - Present

Dance Teacher

Dane Ram

- Teaching workshops internationally (currently North America, Europe, Asia)
- Managing terms and creating rapport with companies
- Inspiring, encouraging, and developing youth through Dance
- Meeting new friends and creating new and memorable experiences

Dec 2015 - Jan 2017

Studio Manager & Creative Director

Studio 68 London

- Managing daily operations and creative works including audience promotions and advertising
- Managing audience research and developing creative briefs and design concepts
- Assuming familiarity with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures
- Relying on extensive experience and judgement to plan and accomplish company goals
- Leading and directing the work of others
- Working on a wide degree of creativity and latitude
- Office systems development, maintenance, and streamlining
- Coordinating resources and information availability to all staff
- Periodic reporting and account bookkeeping
- Website development, management, and content design
- Event production, management and marketing
- Outreach program development and implementation
- New program research, development and implementation
- Client handling and networking
- Troubleshooting and creating opportunities for new business growth

Apr 2013 - Aug 2014

Artistic Director and Talent Manager

RAM Performance and Talent Management Co. - Asia

- Supervising creative content for productions
- Managing financial aspects of productions
- Managing business decisions relevant to creative content
- Producing vocal and dance performances
- Casting talent for clients
- Substantiating creative visions of featured talent
- Managing timetables and scheduling
- Helping clients remain competitive
- Projecting the intended brand image of the client
- Introducing new concepts and ideas
- Hiring and overseeing cast and crew for various productions
- Creating resources through delegation and outsourcing

Apr 2011 - Mar 2013


Freelance - Asia

Casting, Creative Direction, Artistic Development, and Choreography for:
- X Factor, The Voice, Your Face Sounds Familiar
- Various television series' including dance and singing competitions syndicated throughout Asia
- Music Videos
- Club/Promotional events
- Concert tours
- Projects for recording artists (new and major)

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Ben Totty

Ben Totty Managing Director
Box Artist Management Ltd.

Dane has quickly become known in the UK's entertainment industry as one of the best-connected and most important creative agents working today, someone who can guarantee quality and an excellent final product.

Dominic Lawrence

Dominic Lawrence Choreographer, & Movement Director

I am trustingly at ease with how he competently manages the work behind the scenes so that I can pursue being creative. Dane always makes a genuine effort to understand my goals as a choreographer. He cultivates the interests of others as if they were his own - this has the effect of making them attainable.

Benjamin Milan

Benjamin Milan Choreographer, & Movement Director

With his communication skills and in-depth knowledge of the dance industry, he is able to offer a unique take on his clients' needs, making sure they are creatively challenged as well as financially stable in their undertakings. For that reason, I have turned to him to play a critical role as my choreography agent. This year alone he has helped me on jobs for Nike, Huawei and Zara Larsson. It is rare to find an agent so accomplished in so many different realms as Dane.

Zoee Marsh

Zoee Marsh Dancer, Choreographer, & Movement Director

I’ve watched Dane grow into one of the most influential artists in the entertainment industry. His work ethic, passion, commitment and professionalism is incomparable. I’ve seen him exceed as a performer, choreographer, studio manager, one of London’s leading agents and because of his exceptional abilities I have always felt extremely confident to take his personal and professional advice. Dane has a very detailed and deep understanding of this industry and a natural ability to support art communities to be the best they can be.

Christie Lee Manning

Christie Lee Manning Artistic Director c/o UnCorked Theatre

His work ethic, incredibly comprehensive business logic, and unwavering confidence in the people he works with, make him not only an unstoppable force but an incomparable artist to any other entrepreneur in the room. He is one of our industry's most influential creative agents, and soon to be a monumental game changer when it comes to training and sustaining the UK's best dance artists.

Tarik Frimpong

Tarik Frimpong Dancer, Choreographer, & Actor

I have personally experienced Dane's managing prowess on multiple occasions, including during my time working as a dancer on world renowned pop artist, FKA Twigs' 2016 World Tour. Dane worked tirelessly, resourcefully, and efficiently to ensure the tour ran smoothly for myself and the other dancers. I am unsure of any other agent who would've been able to achieve such an incredible result.

Dane Ram is one of the most driven and passionate entrepreneurs I have ever met. His incredible knowledge and understanding of Business and Art, and the way in which he brings the two together truly sets him apart as a Creative Agent & Manager.